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CO-SKILLS PROGRAMS (version 5.2)

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Target Clientele

Children and adults (7 years and older) who:

NOTE: This program requires minimal reading ability

Target Skills

Mode: Visual
Principal skill(s) targeted: Spelling

Spelling is the correct way to write words. Even if many letter combinations produce the same spoken sound, more often than not, there is only one correct way to transpose written phonemes within a given word. Learning how to spell involves reading and recall skills. The Spelling program targets learning to spell ordinary and common English words. These words make up more than 90 percent of written texts.


Stimuli Classes: Sole 85

Scenario and task: A teacher is teaching her class how to spell. On the chalkboard, a word from which one or several letters have been withdrawn is presented. The client must select the missing letters of the word from among the response choice proposed at the bottom of the screen. Confusions and common errors are exploited in the response choice.

Response mode(s): Click on the mouse or use arrow keys and the space bar to select.


Well Done! Correct response
Oops… Incorrect response

Difficulty Level Variables

Level Completion Criterion: All items of the level (20 items per level)

The exam

The exam is comprsed of 25 items representative of the program’s contents.



« Fill in the missing letters of the word that is presented. »