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Perceptual Speed and visuo-spatial ability
Cognitive training

Perceptual speed training: In addition to perceptual speed and uninterrupted visual scanning, this program involves sustained attention to identify simple codes (letters and geometric shapes). The program proposes both perceptual and visuo-motor tasks. In regards to perception, it stimulates the client's ability to rapidly identify visual stimuli through contour analysis and integration. It thus stimulates the ability to discriminate between non-identical items that resemble each other, like the letters «C» and «G».

In regards to motor skills, the task requires constant visual scanning. Scanning consists of systematically moving one's eyes over a given range. In this case, it involves moving one's eyes rapidly from one rectangle to the other so as to identify the simultaneous presence of two identical stimuli. Visual scanning is an important element in attentional ability and general vigilance functions. Moreover, scanning efficiency is particularly necessary in activities like reading or object searches.

Target Clientele

Children and adults (6 years and older) who:

NOTE: May be used by anyone as a simple cognitive training activity.

Target Skills

Mode: Visual
Principal skill(s) targeted: Perceptual speed and visual scanning


Stimuli Classes: 1. Letters 35
  2. Symbols 33

Scenario and task: A scientist is preparing a chemical liquid in his laboratory and is thinking about the formulas for his liquids. Above the scientist, the screen is divided into two rectangles. Stimuli randomly appear and disappear from each of the rectangles. When the same element is simultaneously present in both parts of the screen, the client must respond within the allocated time.

Response mode(s): Click on mouse, press the space bar, or press RETURN to cease activity


Well Done! Response provided within allocated time
Oops… Response not provided while the two identical stimuli are present (omission) or response provided in the absence of identical stimuli (commission)

Difficulty Level Variables

Level Completion Criterion: 3 successfully completed consecutive trials

* Note: the client automatically changes class after three consecutive errors.

The exam

The exam is comprised of 18 items representative of the contents of the Letters class.



Class 1. Letters :

« You will see letters appear and disappear within two large rectangles. Each time identical letters appear at the same time in both rectangles, press the space bar. »

Class 2. Symbols :

« You will see symbols appear and disappear from two large rectangles. Each time identical symbols appear at the same time in both rectangles, press the space bar. »