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Reasoning Analogy tasks
Cognitive training

This cognitive training program uses Analogy tasks to improve induction reasoning. One must establish the relationship linking two elements together and then apply this relationship to two other elements. This form of inductive reasoning is quite called upon in comprehension and judgment. It is also aided by acquired knowledge. These types of skills are also frequently impaired among people with deficits in these types of skills.

Target Clientele

Children and adults (6 years and older) who:

NOTE: May be used by anyone as a simple cognitive training activity.

Target Skills

Mode: Visual
Principal skill(s) targeted: Inductive reasoning


Stimuli Classes: Sole 26

Scenario and task: Farm animals are quizzing each other. In this exercise, one must establish the relationship uniting two elements and establish the same relationship between two other elements. This scenario correspond to the following general format: «A» is to «B»: what «C» is to «D». The term «D» is what must be discovered. The relationships exploited in this exercise are of different natures. They can be those of opposites, similarity, cause and effect, group belonging, function, action, or others. In this program, the task consists of choosing «D» from a list of four choices.

Response mode(s): Click on the mouse or use arrow keys and the space bar to select.


Well Done! Correct response
Oops… Incorrect response

Difficulty Level Variables

Level Completion Criterion: All 20 items of the level must be successfully completed

The exam

The exam is comprised of 26 items representative of the exercises from all 26 difficulty levels.



« A rule links a pair of words is presented at the top of the screen. Find this rule in order to deduce the missing word from a second pair. »