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Reasoning Anagrams tasks
Cognitive training

Anagrams is a cognitive training program used to improve reading skills and vocabulary. Anagrams training program uses an inventory of common words. The words were selected for their familiarity and for their frequency of use within the English language. The Anagram exercise is relatively complex. It goes beyond simply identifying a word's meaning. In fact, one must construct words from letters. It enables the person to manipulate phonemes, syllables, consonants, and vowels. The result is a word for which there is a meaning. Note that level 11 is very difficult and should not be considered as cognitive training exercises, but rather a higher level educational activity.

Target Clientele

Children and adults (7 years and older) who:

NOTE: May be used by anyone as a simple cognitive training activity.

Target Skills

Mode: Visual
Principal skill(s) targeted: vocabulary and problem-solving


Stimuli Classes: Sole 11 (over 750 words!)

Scenario and task: The client is participating in a televised game show. He/she must reorganise randomly ordered letters to construct a word by selecting, in turn, each of the letters. As letters are selected, they appear in the box at the top of the screen. The "<" sign can be used to delete letters that have already been placed. Words may be presented in their plural form and verbs may be different tenses, as seen in texts.

An error is signalled when the word spelled by the client is not among the program’s word bank for the item at hand. The client is then invited to provide a new answer. For all of the anagrams proposed, the client has two trials to spell a known word. If after two trials the word created is still not recognizable, an error is recorded and a possible response is provided to the client.

Response mode(s): Click on the mouse or use arrow keys and the space bar to select.


Well Done! Correct response
I don't know this word.
Try again.
Word is not among the program’s word bank for the item at hand
One answer could be... Word is not among the program’s word bank for the item at hand after second try

Difficulty Level Variables

Level Completion Criterion: 3 consecutive correct responses

The exam

The exam is comprised of 16 anagrams of 3 to 6 letters (representative of levels 1 to 8).



« You are participating in a game-show. The letters appearing on the screen can be rearranged to make up a word. It’s up to you to find and type your answer. Press “OK” when you think you have found the right word. Use the “<” key to move backwards in order to modify the word. Proper nouns, compound words, acronyms (ex.: ID), abbreviations or words in another language other than English are not accepted. However, note that plural words and verbs in different tenses are acceptable. »